Crazy Seahorses is a scrolling action game inspired by the classic platforming genre.

Using a context-sensitive touch input to swim, run, leap and glide your way past obstacles, bombs and tropical islands as you collect treasure and rescue your kidnapped friend from the mischievous sea monkeys! Crash through objects with sophisticated 2D physics, bashing monkeys and using debris to clear your path. Travel through diverse environments brought to life by humorous, vibrant graphics and an infectious soundtrack from Satsuma Audio.
Crazy Seahorses is second collaboration by Stuart Wood and Hugh Lowry, following the release of Spiders in the Bath, a free app released in SUmmer 2014. It is their first collaboration under the moniker of MisterSquare games, featuring characters from the ongoing web comic Pussyowl, started in 2012.

Featuring 8-stages of monkey spanking mayhem, with 5 additional seahorses to unlock, dress your steed with an assortment of purchasable items bought with coins earned in-game. Unlock chests to gain temporary super powers, including a rocket boost, inflatable horse and the occasional jockey! Level components are randomised so you never know what the game will throw at you next. Quick reactions are essential though the game offers a forgiving learning curve for young children and beginners, with enough challenge and content to satisfy veteran gamers alike. Crazy Seahorses condenses the experience of playing a fully-fledged platform game to a portable touch-screen device, perfect for playing on the go, in long sittings or short bursts.

Updates planned for the game include seasonal themes, additional costumes and characters to unlock and most excitingly, additional branching stages to provide players with regular fresh content and achievements.

Jump your way to victory and hit as many monkeys as you can on the way!